Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Bought Some More Storage Cards

Bought more storage cards.
- 3x32GB Mini SDHC cards for my Zoom H1 Audio Recorder.
- 1 64GB Compact Flash card for my Canon 5D (that makes 3 64Gb cards).

That is it for storage card buying. If I need more cards they are easy to find in Thailand. I also picked up a small LED Sunpack video light for the DSLR. I can easily use it to record work in the dump at night. I expect to be staying overnight many times as that is when most of the digging for recyclables goes on (more cool, more garbage trucks). Night time dump video shooting should be easier to handle, still shooting was very difficult, very hit and miss, mostly miss.

I cannot think of anything else I need to buy for this project. I think I have everything I need to get this documentary film done now. I just got to pay all the bills then book a ticket to Thailand to make a movie! What could be simpler! :))

Note* Online I read that 1-32GB compact flash card will record just over 1.5 hours of 1080p video. I have 3-64GB compact flash cards, so I believe I will be able to to record over 9 hours of HD video in a day, way more than enough. After each days work I plan to copy my raw footage both video and audio to 2 external hard drives (each 2TB). I will then reformat and reuse the same compact flash and SD cards the next day. If I need extra hard drives or other cards for more storage I will buy them in Thailand.