Thursday, December 15, 2016

Trying For A 6 Month Leave From Work

Just sent out an email to my head boss here at work. I asked him for a 6 month leave to make the documentary film in the dump. If not 6 months then 3 or 4, would that be possible? I need to get permission from him as well as 2 more people so not sure this can happen, but the top guy is the most important hurdle to clear. We shall see how it goes. If I do not get a leave I will be faced with 2 options, trying to make the movie in about a 5 week period or quitting my job and doing it over 6 months to 2 year period. It will be hard to quit as I have been on this site for 20 years now.

Steps to my leave:
- Permission from my on site boss (boss of bosses).
- Permission from my on site security supervisor.
- Permission from the head of my security company.