Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Time To Say Goodbye

Tonight is my last full night of shooting and donation work at the dump. It is my 15th of 16th night in a row I think. Worn down now, am laying in bed with a bad headache. plugged nose and a cough. I will close my apartment here in Mae Sot and return to Bangkok on the 2nd. Will miss my many friends in the families, miss the children, miss the joking but the dump really wears on you, affects your health, gets you down. Even after 5 years of this I still see stuff, still see ulgy shit that depresses me, gets me down. It is time to go, my life is in Canada, I must return to it. How can people live in the dump, with the garbage day in day out, week after week, month after month for years on end?
I plan to return to the families (2019?) if we can raise more funds to help. I also want to hand out some of the photos made, as well as videos. Last night recorded a bunch of teens dancing on video. I will get that to them next time.