Sunday, May 22, 2016

Photo Scrapbook Anthology - Retrospective Magazine "Yaum: Tears Of A Butterfly"

I need to create a lifetime retrospective photo mag of some kind. I want to be able to have a set magazine style book (they look best from that I can roll out at all future exhibitions. I need to show the visitors at the exhibitions the range of work created over the last 15+ years.

This magazine would be titled YAUM: TEARS OF A BUTTERFLY (an old title that dates back maybe 20 years) and include color and b/w stills, video captures, contact sheets, emails, blogs, self portraits, scanned writings and drawings etc. I want the thing to be visually complex and fun to flip through. Everything mixed and matched on top of and around each other. I do not think I would have to write much fresh stuff as I have kept all my old emails through the years (sent and received) and have around 8 years of blog writings that I could use.

This would be a major project that would take a long time to complete. I will have to look through thousands of negatives from neg binders all around my home, in boxes and on the floor! Then scan and edit those mags before placing them into the magazine software. I would also need to review hundreds of emails and blogs to find out what works. This is going to take time but should be tons of fun to do. A walk down memory lane!

Note* This mag book could turn into a great promotional tool. If I want (and can afford) I could send samples to influencial - important gallery curators, collectors etc. It would show a large body of work and also show the creative process behind it. The joys, the pains, the sucesses and failures would all be up for grabs. Maybe no one gives a shit about this but me but it will be fun and challenging to put together. Heck what else do I go to do? :))))

Some books and photographers work that influenced this idea:

Diane Arbus: "Revelations"
Walker Evans: Anthology "Unclassified"
Edward Weston: "The Daybooks"