Sunday, May 22, 2016

Email: What's New Jim?

Hey Jim...sitting here at work on my 7th night a bit bored, thought I would write you. Tomorrow I finally get a day off after all the experiences overseas and then coming back directly to work for a week. I was originally planning to tame the wild jungle that my yard now is but with all the rain that's impossible. My current plan is to sleep, sleep, sleep!

Anything new with you? Traveling much? Now that I am an expelled ----------- (camera club name) person I have no chance to talk to you (the only real part I miss!).  What you been up to?

Am starting to develop and scan the most recent work, here are some samples. There should be lots more in the coming week. I still have not started developing the 5x7 film. Shooting in the dump was both hard and easy. I have many friends there now, so had about 95% access to photograph (a few folks still unsure and or shy) so that was easy. The hard part was the extreme heat and physical difficulties of hauling everything around a dump site (lost about 20 lbs), and dogs that urinate on your camera bag!

Am doing some new things in the coming months. I plan to make up a career type magazine of some kind for the next show (if that ever happens). A thick magazine with photos dating back 15+ years along with contact sheets, emails, blogs, video captures etc etc. Want to make it into a visual diary type thing, like a wild scrapbook, fun to browse, read and scan. It might be 100 or so pages (depending on how big you can print the mags on blurb). In the past I have been happy with the magazine style results from so want to make a best of type thing that is fun and that I can throw on the table for people to look through at any future shows. Probably will take a long time to complete, as I have to look through thousands of negs-emails-blogs-contacts and scan-edit-place what works for me.

My other new thing is that I am preparing to do my first documentary film (video). The subject would be Fred --------- a tough old fellow at the garbage dump. Fred has been doing great work for the last 9 years helping the people there. I want to tell both his story and the dumps story, this time on VIDEO. Am learning how to make movies now, how to edit, how to shoot, how to record good audio. I am purchasing a bunch of used equipment to help me get this done. I expect to get started early in 2017.

Am very excited about the new film that will be developed and these 2 new projects.

Hope your shooting lots and making some great photos. Every time I was in Europe (visited Germany, Austria, Czech Republic and Italy on my Thai visa run) and saw graffiti or details on buildings I thought of your work.