Monday, May 30, 2016

Bought A GoPro Hero 2 Camera

With the burn out of my RE video camera in Asia I was in the market for something new/used to replace it. I decided to go GoPro this time. The newest version GoPro is the Hero 4 but that is a tad expensive at $360+ USD. I decided to buy a used Hero 2 from a seller in Ontario. My cost including shippping (no duty or GST) was $114 CAD. Not that bad at all. This camera will hopefully get the job done, allowing me to shoot film camera view point videos, and first person diary recordings in the future. I also got the camera plastic case, various strap on set ups and a 32GB SD card thrown in. Might buy a few optional accessories int he future, possibly the LCD screen.

Note* I might be able to use this cameras time lapse features etc for the coming dump documentary.
Note** Bought 2 extra batteries with a a/c and car lighter charger (for when I am camping).\
Note *** Bought a second plastic case and a open side and external plug in microphone for better quality audio recordings.

My new/used Hero 2 GoPro with plastic case