Monday, May 30, 2016

Link: JiJi Portrait Used On "Genderphobia In Southeast Asian Cinema" Presentation

Another found use of a photograph I made. The photo was made in 2007 of ladyboy sex worker "JiJi" in 2007. It is part of a presentation on gender-phobia in Southeast Asian Cinema Presentation by Mikee Nunez.

I am happy this photographs and some of my other social documentary photographs are being used in such a positive way. Raising awareness, educating, promoting equality and understanding. Who is not in favour of that! This is an example where people photography, social documentary people photography can do so much more good that your average, everyday, nice light and shadow pretty landscape picture does (the type of photo most everyone does).

Here is the link the "Jiji" photo (on white background) is buried inside the presentation (Thai section). Please check this Genderphobia link out and learn a bit more on this important issue. Lets all fight intolerance and hatred based on sexual orientation.