Monday, May 23, 2016

Video: "Man In The Dump WIth Bicycle", Portrait Video Moment

Here is a fun little video shot in the dump. Was sort of multitasking at the time, shooting with the Plaubel Makina 67, my RE video camera and my Sony digital camera all at the same time! So please excuse the bumpiness, and weird composition angles. This video was made with the small RE wide angle camera that was mounted to the hot shoe of my Makina 67.

Note* The Sony digital was still working at that time but breaking down bit by bit, day by day. Had some problems with it as you can see in the video.
Note** The small digi snapshots were made to give as gifts to the families. I later came back and gave the photos made of the 2 children to their mothers. I have more snapshot photos taken during a second visit that I will have to give when I return to the dump. I will probably return in early 2017 to start filming the "Fred" documentary movie.
Note*** "YEE" is the Burmese word for "Smile". In the rest of the video I am speaking a mixture of Thai, Burmese and English (mostly Thai which some folks at the dump understand).

Here is a link to a higher quality Vimeo version
Vimeo Channel Link

This is the main photo made:

Man in the dump with bicycle, Mae Sot April 2016
Here is the Video behind the making of the shot: