Monday, May 30, 2016

More Book Buys!

Ended up going back to the library book sale and buying more books on both Saturday (3 boxes) and Sunday (3 boxes). Saturday I picked up a number of top notch art books including a wonderful older (many b/w images) super large volume on the complete works of Michelangelo for $2. Probably the best-cheapest book combination I have ever bought. Yesterdays books were $10 per box and included many non art history books etc. Surprisingly yesterday I was also able to get a wonderful older book on Van Gogh and a beautifully printed large book on Impressionism.

Tons of stuff to read, tons of stuff to learn. You got to love books and libraries, one of the things I miss most when I am in Asia. All in all over the last 3 days spent around $200-250 but got so much good stuff it was well worth it. Knowledge is power and seeing others artists creativity leads to inspiration and motivation to create art myself.

Note* I also picked up a number of DVDs (concentrated on documentaries to learn from) as well as CDs (mostly unknown singers, instrumentation and classical).