Sunday, May 22, 2016

My Last RX100 II Camera Photograph

My used E-bay camera the Sony RX100 II crapped out and died this trip. The is the last photo I made with it was at the Vatican Museum in Rome Italy. It is an image of Vicent Van Gogh's "Pieta" (Mary holding her dead son Jesus), a delicate and very beautiful peice. Most of the thousands of people visiting the museum missed it as it was in a small side room that folks walked by without entering.

Note* Am currently debating in my mind whether to get another RX, this time it would be a new camera the #3 or #4 version (runs around $800 USD I think). I love how you can shoot the camera on the sly and how you can get large RAW files to make big detailed prints. This could turn into a very creative tool, I love the results I got with my RX100 II before it broke down.

Another Thought: I wonder what Vincent Van Gogh could have created with a Sony RX100 II?
Marry, Jesus, Vincent and Me, Rome May 2016