Thursday, February 19, 2015

Tonights Printing Is Just For Fun!

Going to do a bit of printing tonight, not for a club, not for a show, I am printing just because I want to have some fun. I have one negative of dad I wanted to work on and also pulled a bunch of sheets from an old binder, pics shot in Klong Toey. I will find one or two shots from those sheets to print as well.

Here are the shots I worked on today. The first and second are a bit of a departure for me, landscapes!! Both were made with contrast and grain on 35mm Tri-x. This type of landscape image just like with my regular documentary work has a EDGE to the prints that I like. In combination with the Durst 1200 condenser enlarger and the 11x14 Ilford Cooltone FB the landscapes look pretty cool, nice and raw. I ended up doing two relatively quick prints of each of these negs at two different contrasts. Four photo prints only, was able to do pretty efficient and quick printing.

Burnt trees, Banff National Park, Canada 2009
Freeway and Klong Toey canal,  Bangkok Thailand 2010
The last shot I worked on today was much more difficult to print, involving, more extensive burning, dodging a mask etc. It is dad in bed with streaming sunlight hitting his face through the venetian blinds. He looks trapped in the light, like he is lying behind bars. I am not sure exactly why but this photo paper seems so much easier to use, I seem to be able to print faster and more effectively using it, go figure! Once I have used this paper for several years I am bound to only become better with it, then look out some beautiful prints can be made. I also love the Ilford cooltone gloss of the finish and the thick base which helps prevent bending marks. I will probably use this paper to make the additional 6 prints that I need for the Rosebud exhibition.

I think this shot of dad trapped in the light might also make it into the Rosebud exhibition along with the pain photograph.

Update** The printing went so fluidly today I was even able to do up a 4th fibre print. This last print was of a boxer from the Muay Thai gym in Bangkok.

Dad trapped in the light, version # 1,  February 2015
Detail dad caught in the light.