Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Dads Voice Silenced

It seems so strange not to be able to ask dads advice now. Throughout the last year we did lots of funeral planning with dad but now his voice has been silenced. Without dad to ask we are trying our best to remember what he wanted and how he wanted things done.

Of all the things I will miss about my father, sitting down and and having a simple conversation with him will be what I miss most. I remember often I would come from work at 5am in the morning to pickup or drop off something up at his house. Dad would be up waiting for me. He would never admit he got up to simply wait and talk to me but he would be there in the kitchen or family room when I arrived. We would sit and talk about whatever for 30 minutes or an hour or so. I will miss those moments the most.

I feel so much smaller without dad, it is like a huge chunk of me has been ripped off.