Friday, February 27, 2015

Photo Story: Jo Waiting For A Customer Outside Shortime Sex Bar

This photo if a lovely person named Jo. Back in 1999 when I was in Pattaya for 1 year I photographed Jo several times. Jo worked a short time sex bar. Nit is sitting to her right, I forget the woman to the lefts name. I photographed them all several times. I love the look of beauty but also sadness in this portrait, and the apprehension on Nit's face. I always used to give Jo heck for smoking, but I guess that was the least of her problems. One day she took me with her when she went to pray at the local Buddhist shrine, it was quite beautiful to see.

The picture was made with a Mamiya 6 range finder camera, direct flash and Tri-x. I pumped up the contrast int he version.

I wonder what happened to Jo? When I was back at her bar in around 2001 she was gone. The last time I was in Pattaya a few years back (2011-12?) Nit was still working the same bar, I am not sure if she still is or not. Such tragic lives these girls live. Nit was more honest with me my last trip. She told me she had a Thai boyfriend back home and was building a home for her family, she even showed me a video of it on her cellphone. Lovely people working a terrible job.

o waiting for customer outside her short time sex bar, Pattaya Thailand 1999