Saturday, February 21, 2015

Bad Times

Dad has entered the last days of his life. I hope he does not have to suffer for too long. I took some photos of him with the Leica's and 5x7 today, he did not say anything, I told him what I was doing and thanked him at the end, but dad did not respond. When I was leaving, I said "Goodbye dad see you tomorrow" he looked at me with such big eyes, and tried to talk, he said something but I did not understand him. His eyes seem to get bigger and bigger as he continues to lose weight, as he gets closer to death, he talks more and more with his large eyes.

I took the funeral video in almost its finished form for him to see but he could not watch it, mom cried throughout telling me what a good job I did on it. It is about 1 year since dad went to hospital for the first time, he got sick in January of 2014 and went to the hospital for the first time at the end of February. Bit by bit dad lost the ability to do things, first walking by himself, then walking with a walker, then the ability to stand, then his appetite went, he started to hallucinate, now he  does not talk much. Little by little it was all taken away from him, now he just lays in bed not eating looking up with his eyes so big, struggling to breath.