Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Got My Paper

I got my 2 boxes of paper today from B&H. You can't beat that, free and fast delivery direct to your front door with cheaper pricing. It rather strange I worried for years about not being able to get film and darkroom supplies in my old age, and the exact opposite is happening it is actually getting easier!

I bought a 50 sheet 11x14 and 16x20 box of Ilford FB cooltone this time around. I plan on using the 16x20 paper to print the additional dad images for the Rosebud gallery show (September). I love the look of this new paper. 50 sheets should be enough paper to get the current dad work printed but some of the negs are very problematic, so I am not sure it can be done. If I run out of the cooltone I still have plenty of warm tone 16x20 paper to use. I will probably end up printing up to 10 new images of dad for the show and then combine them with the best of the 8 that are currently hanging at the Louie Gallery on 124th. I want this next exhibition to be a real tribute to my loving father and the difficulties he faced with bravery at the end of his life.