Saturday, February 28, 2015

Nothing To Do

As I write this I am ready for work, its a bit early thou. This past year I would always get up early so I could visit dad before work, I cannot do that any more. Today I am up and ready to go to mom and dads but dad has passed and mom is out with my uncle and aunt for dinner (they are trying to keep her busy). Nothing to do, I wish I could go visit my father but instead I am sitting here writing this blog.

It does not seem real to me that dad is gone, last night I was listening to his voice recordings. Over the last week I have been looking at many of his photographs and video. Somehow it seems like I should be able to go over to his house and he would be in the basement making some kind of food for the market. It just not seem real to me that his body is being prepared for a funeral.

On Monday there will be a viewing of dad in his coffin for the extended family and Tuesday is his funeral day.