Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Next Trip When? Other Photo Things

I am unsure of the date of my next Asian trip. In a month or so I plan to send out an email to my bosses at work and find out if I get a leave, or if not that, if I can get an extended vacation of some kind. When I know there thoughts, I can make my plans. My best guess is that if I do not get a leave I will take a shorter trip before September this year. If I can get a leave from work then I will take a much longer trip after October 24th.

I need to be in Alberta in Sept/Oct of this year to transport the Rosebud show and to also do an artist talk day (first Saturday of the show). This week I am sending out the contract to the curator for that exhibition. I plan on living up to my promises to the gallery and more importantly to my father. I told dad I would show his photos in Rosebud and I will! I also need to continue to tell the stories of the "Families of the Dump" this exhibition will give me one more opportunity to do that.

I am also feeling the pull to make more pictures, to fulfill my duties to the families and the vow I made to my father to try to produce a book of photographs. I promised dad I would dedicate a book to his memory, I am going to work hard and try to do that.

In the coming days I also might be making a print for a friend who wants to buy the portrait group photo (not sure how much to charge) and another camera workshop looms. I got an email from an interested workshop student the night dad died (was not able to tel l my father about it). It has been awhile between workshops so it's a good thing. I can use the money to buy more cooltone paper or just deposit it into my bank account to help fund the coming trip.

First thou, the eulogy, the funeral, and paying proper respect to my father. After I finish my responsibilities to dad I can move on to other things.