Sunday, February 22, 2015

5x7 Photos Of Dad

These portraits were hard, very hard to take. I ended up making 6 exposures of dad at home in his hospital bed using the new Gitzo carbon fibre tripod for the first time. I talked to dad early last week about making these large format pictures and he said, "OK". I told him I might show them in the Rosebud exhibition. He knew I was making photos of him today and did not object. His allowing me to photograph his death is the last gift he is giving me.

The "My Fathers Last Days" work seems to be having a positive effect on quite a few people. I got many heartfelt emotional compliments at the opening and the health care workers that are helping take care of dad are also responding positively. I even had one lady working with dad who went online in search of my photographs. Hopefully I can talk to dad tomorrow, I might try to do a few more 5x7 shots tomorrow as well. I will take the mini iPod when I visit him so I can show him yesterdays work.

The pictures were made with my 5x7 Linhof, a 120mm lens at F8 and a 1 second shutter. I exposed the Tri-x at 200ASA placed dads skin on zone 6 and then added a bellows factor of about 1 1/4 stops. The development was on the Jobo, D-76 300/300w at 24C for 9 minutes at agitation level 4.

The 5x7 is my preferred format size, I like the longer vertical/horizontal. The dimensions work better for me than the 4x5, 8x10 shape. The 120mm is the lens I plan on using in Asia with the 5x7, I am debating whether I need to take the 210mm as well. I think simplicity is the way to go, you can create easier and understand your work more fully when using only one lens. My only concern would be damaging the lens-shutter and not having anything to work with. Sometimes it's good to have a backup. I will probably use the 5x7 condenser enlarger I got from Jack to print the work. I have fallen in love with the combination of Tri-x and condensers.

Dad has beautiful hands, I might use the bottom picture in the Rosebud exhibition.

Dad yesterday