Friday, February 20, 2015

Dad, Not Much Time Left

Visited dad again tonight, he is not doing good. The nurse told mom today that he probably does not have much time left. Dad has not eaten much for the last 3 days, even yesterday when I brought him a hamburger from A&W he did not want it (he loves those). Today I was able to give him a bit of boost, which he drank, he also drank a bit of the orange crush pop with ice I made for him.

Took a few photos of dad today not to many, mom was crying some, I was crying some. Not a good a good time. I will try taking the 5x7 portrait of him in bed tomorrow, I loaded film today when I was there. Will prepare the camera tonight. I have to make a small notch in the focusing bed of the Linhof so the 120mm lens can lock in and does not slide forward when it is pointing down. I already have a notch for the 210mm lens, but need one farther up the bed for the 120mm which requires a shorter bellows extension.

Not sure why I am writing about cameras now, guess its a way to distract myself from my fathers condition. He did not talk much tonight. I told him some stories as always, and tried to entertain him as best I could. He was so weak, it was a terrible thing to see. Will go back earlier tomorrow.