Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Video: Printing Burmese Child On Dump Shack Steps, Mae Sot Thailand 2013

Enough laying around with my cat on my lap reading poetry, here is today's printing effort. This is a difficult neg that I will probably need to continue to work on. I made 4 slightly different versions of it this morning, not sure I like any of them. I am waiting for them to dry to decide whether I need to keep printing it or move on to the next neg for the show.

My goal for the week is to do up 3 good show prints, starting to print on Tuesday should give me a good run at accomplishing that goal.

Printing method:

1) 80 seconds f 4 filter 2 with durst 1200 condenser enlarger.
2) Dodge arm of girl 30 seconds.
3) Burn with mask #1 40 seconds.
4) Burn with max #1 upper single colour cloth over girls head (block other holes) 120 seconds.
5) Burn with max #1  lower ladder (block other holes) 60 seconds.
6) Burn with hole card 100 seconds upper stripped cloth over girls head.
7) Change f stop to 2.8 and filter 1 burn with card left side of print 100 seconds.
8) Burn with bent card upper left corner 40 seconds.
9) Burn with mask #2 upper corner +300, move mask every 100 seconds to blend around tree.

Pray it works!!

Note* I made mask #2 out of sheet of cardboard (from photo paper container envelopes) because it is thicker. I am doing very long burn exposures, in this case 300 seconds. If I used normal photo paper as a mask the light might get through and fog the paper. Better safe than sorry!

Here is the YouTube version: