Monday, November 24, 2014

Head Spinning With Photos

Went out with Larry tonight for dinner and then a visited to his home photo library afterwards, my head is now spinning with images. Larry showed me some of his favourite books and magazines, we browsed through the books speaking about what worked for us. It was a fun night with lots of photography, we talked Salgado, Larry's coming photo trip, photo theory, plus all the people-subjects-lighting-composition-decisive moments in the various books. Great stuff!

As you develop as a photographer it is vitally important to have positive influences. Through the years I have had many people in clubs and in life who have inspired my photography now Larry is being a very positive influence as well. The Internet has also become a huge thing for me, new friends read and respond to the blog, I see tons of work online and exchange ideas with other photographers world wide, its a constant evolving education. Everything all mixes in your mind, changing who you are, adapts your thought process, your focus, your style. Seeing, thinking, learning, having the chance to grow with the help of others, it is all positive stuff. Love every second of it.

"Ain't Photography Grand!"

I will order 4 of the books Larry showed me today starting with the two linked below.

Anders Petersen
Vanessa Winship
Note* This blog entry makes 720 for year, tying last year for the most entries in one year. The next blog will be a brand new record number of 721 and I still have all of December to add to that total. I might be writing a few to many of these things : )) One of the reasons I started writing the "Yaum's Photo Diary" was to avoid boring and pissing off all my friends with emails. Imagine getting 720+ emails from Gerry on photography, gosh would that be annoying!