Thursday, November 27, 2014

Video: Dad In The Shadows

After a long beautiful sleep filled with dreams (was trying to get 2 rolls of film through enemy lines with agents of evil attempting to capture me, sort of a spy novel dream), I am working of a photo of my father laying in bed. This picture was made a few months back in the summer when it was hot and he was in bed with light coming from a window behind him. I will probably include this shot in the exhibition, am not sure what 3-5 photos of dad I will show. Larry mentioned that I might be able to display the dad photos downstairs in the main area of his shop. If I show downstairs I would probably show one or two more prints of dad as there is more room.

I think I better print all the photos of dad as soon as I can. Now when he is still in reasonably good shape it is all so much easier to handle, later when he gets more sick or passes I am not sure I will be able to do anything. Later I will probably put these negs away, it will all be to difficult to attempt to print them at least for a several years. I hope dad can come to the opening night in a wheelchair but that's in February so who knows, I have no idea what his health will be like from day to day.

Today after I work int he darkroom and the snow stops falling I will go over and do his sidewalks and driveway and have a visit. I hope dad is feeling OK today, yesterday he was not so bad. Each day we have together is another good day.

3rd Attempt of "Dad in the Shadows" print.