Sunday, November 23, 2014

Quotes: Sebastiao Salgado

Mr. Salgado is a role model to me, I love his work and admire him greatly. I  have every book of his I can afford and constantly study his work. In my opinion he is the worlds greatest living photographer and one of the best of all time.

From his autobiography "From my Land to the Planet".

Here is the international site link to the book. I purchased mine from the Canadian site.

Sebastiao Salgado's "From my Land to the Planet"

Page 44
"Through photography, I sought to show this exploited world, in all its dignity."

Page 45
"Lelia (Salgado's wife) and I came to the conclusion that the world is divided into two, on one side, freedom for those who have everything and, on the other, a lack of everything for those who have nothing. Through my photos, it was this dignified and exploited world that I wished to show to a European society sophisticated enough to receive this appeal."

"To me, photography is like writing---what writers tell with the pen, I tell with my camera. It is a passion, as I love the light, but also a language that is extremely powerful."

Page 50
"Some think of me as a photojournalist. It isn't true. Others think I am an activist. That isn't true either. The only truth is that photography is my life. All my photos correspond to the moments that I have experienced intensely. All these images exist because life, my life, has driven me to make them. Because there was an anger in me that led me that particular place. Sometimes, I am guided by an ideology, sometimes simply by curiosity or by my desire to be there. My photography is not objective at all. Like all photographers, I take photographs depending on myself, what happens to be going through my head, what I'm thinking and experiencing. And I take it on.