Saturday, November 22, 2014

Final Version Dad Mag

Here is the final version of the dad mag, the 3rd different magazine I have made up. I ordered 2 of these today for the coming exhibition and to show dad. I figure that 2 of each magazine is more than enough. No one will want to buy these things but to have a couple of each will make multiple viewing easier if that happens during a busy opening night. I expect we will have around 50-75 people on the first night maybe more. I will make a few upgrades to mags #1 and #2 in the coming days and then order 2 of each of those as well.

Here are captures of the final design. I did to some additional lighting of 2 photos and a complete re-edit of a 3rd after making these captures and before sending the project into blurb. This will give you a general idea of what the final magazine will look like. Later I will post a video of a flip through the printed magazine.

Update* Since shipping was almost identical I ordered 3 of these mags for a grand total of $38 CAD ($12.66 or so a mag) that includes all costs. They should arrive by around December 10th. I guess I will try to sell them and list them at $15-20 during the opening, who knows I might sell one. I also listed the mag on the Blurb site. I think there is a way to list it on Amazon, but I am not sure how that works. I will look into it tomorrow at work. If there is any way to make a bit of extra money for my photography, I am on it! All my money earned on photography (workshops etc) goes back into the photography.

Update** I also added a title below my photo name "Dads Last Days". I think I will make up titles for the other 2 mags as well, that way I and the readers can differentiate between them.