Sunday, November 30, 2014

Photo Idea: Inspired To Design Retrospective Magazine

Looking through the newly arrived Vanessa Winship retrospective book has inspired me to try my own homemade version retrospective publication. The idea is to do a 240 Blurb magazine which runs around $49.99 USD. I will design it along similar lines as the Winship book, into series sections with a brief intro to each. This is a bit of a vanity project, it will also serve as a career marker for me. This retrospective mag will help me see exactly where I am in my photo career, how many top notch pics I have actually made. Having everything in one mag should help put everything in a proper perspetive.

I might also be able to do a bit of promotion with this thing as well through the YouTube and Vimeo channels. Who knows a book publisher might see it and become interested. Anything is possible in the world of the internet, in the past I got a international show as a result of this blog, so why not a book? I might also be able to print and buy a few mags and send them to important collectors and museums/gallery as gifts, thou the cost would limit what I could do there.

I wish I could have a retrospective mag for this coming exhibition but thats impossible. I think thou having it ready for the next majorish exhibition (#6) wherever that may be, should be possible.

The series sections might be:

1) Early work.
   - Growing up
   - Landscapes
   - Nudes
   - West Oakland ghetto drug scene
   - Laguna beach gay scene
   - Baba's last days

2) Bangkok 1999
   - Street life
   - 3 Hearts (colour)

3) Bargirl/Sex worker
   - Freelance street workers male and female
   - Bargirl workers in Thailand (colour)
   - Freelance workers Cambodia (colour)
   - Brothel workers in Cambodia (colour and b/w)
   - Sex worker on white
   - Ladyboy worker  (colour and b/w)

4) Documentary
    - Families of the dump
    - Klong Toey slum
    - People under the freeway
    - Muay Thai boxer
    - Cambodia
    - Nepal
    - Japan
    - Dads last days

This is the first step in the development of this project which will probably take at least a year of work. The most difficult part will be finding all the negs (especially the early photos) and doing all the scanning and photoshop work needed