Saturday, November 22, 2014

Link: Provenance!

This is from the Leica site linked below. The word provenance for a CAMERA got me chuckling. Cameras are for making pictures but this Leica is so collectible (weird word) that it has lost its way in life and now has become something you put on a shelf and stare at. Cameras are for making pictures, they are not some kind of half assed work of art with a trackable provenance. Let these cameras come back to life, let them fufill their true natures, their true destinies, let it make pictures again! Free it from its purgatory.

Here is the stories, and link:

Leitz Wetzlar, 1960, Black paint, from an original series 987901-988025, with Leitz Elmar 2.8/50mm No.1636136 (B, Filter rim with one minor dent), rear top plate and lens with “Triple crown” engraving. A great rarity, only 125 ex in black paint made for the Swedish army 1960, and this camera is in 100% original condition with dark brassy patina and never restored. Provenance: Bought by the owner at FFV Allmaterial (=Military surplus), Ursvik 1977. Slow shutter speeds irregular.
Starting auction price is 350,000 Swedish Krona (approx $47,500 US dollars).

 Original and very rare black paint MP with patina of professional use, in perfect working order, matching chassis number inside the camera, with black Leicavit MP. Expected selling price: EUR 150.000 – 180.000