Monday, November 24, 2014

Rental Condo In Bangkok

For fun and with a bit of hope for the future I visited a real estate site tonight. Maybe if I do go to Thai in the next year for 6 months, I can rent something like this. The idea would be that I would use this place as my base to store all my gear etc and also as a living space in Bangkok. I would also take trips around the country or outside of the country for short periods. So I could stay here when shooting in Bangkok and when not it can hold all my stuff so I could be more mobile and travel lighter. I have done this before when I stayed in Bangkok for 10 months in 1999 and when I stayed in Pattaya Thailand for 1 year in 2003. I never had a nice room like this thou. I love the large windows, the kitchen and the trees of this Condo.It would be a great place to relax and refuel after a hard days shooting.

Here are the rooms details. Located in OK semi central area Bangkok, 2 bedroom, 1 bath, 55 sqm, monthly rental 9000 Baht $308 CAD. Water and power are extra, power is expensive in Thai but you need it for the air conditioner and fridge. I would expect another $150 maybe more for that, so the total cost would be around $458 CAD or $407 USD. With big windows like this I might be able to turn the a/c off to save money, as long as I got some kind of breeze. Thailand has 3 seasons, hot, hotter and hottest!