Sunday, November 30, 2014

Centrally Located Condo In Bangkok

This condo is not as nice looking as the previous one I posted and it cost more 15000 baht ($521 CAD) but it has a great central location. The room (48 sqm) is located in a prime Bangkok area so your bound to pay more. This condo is within walking distance of bars, restaurants, tourist-Thai markets, shopping centres, supermarkets and most importantly the skytrain system. In Bangkok you can spend hours and hours locked in traffic or trying to get a taxi during rush hour. Getting to where you want to go in Bangkok can be extremely time consuming and painful. Paying more for a room with a better location especially as a Westerner might be my best bet. Saving costs on transportation and wasted time spent sitting in taxis and buses might be well worth the extra monthly room price. I also like the light from the window next to the kitchen area. With power and water the total cost would be around $650 to $750 CAD a month. The down side is that if I spend lots of time outside of Bangkok, in Mae Sot shooting the dump project or in Cambodia etc, the $521 or so monthly charge would be a tough pill to swallow.