Thursday, November 27, 2014

Video: Dad Magazine Flip Throu

I got a Blurb delivery this afternoon, here is a quick flip through magazine #3, dads mag. I think it looks pretty good with one exception. The last photo has either a printing problem or a problem with the scan. I cannot see anything wrong in my scan or my Book Wright software layout. I have written to Blurb about it and sent scans asking for their opinion. It might be a printing problem on their end. If I cannot figure it out I will replace that photo and reprint the entire magazine 3 times. I gave a copy of the magazine to dad tonight, he looked through it several times. His favourite portrait was the head shot on the right page of the section he is looking at int he photo below. These things are far from perfect but they are certainly acceptable, better than anything I have had at my previous 4 majorish shows. These magazines will add a positive element to my part of the night.

Dad looking through his magazine tonight.

Here is the Vimeo. com higher quality link: