Friday, November 28, 2014

Snowed In! Darkroom Time!!

A big snow storm has hit my city of Edmonton. I spent 2-3 hours digging out my house and my parents place yesterday and today when i woke up all evidence of that had completely disappeared. I am not sure I can go to dad and moms today as I am worried about getting stuck in my back alley after I back out of the garage. Last night I barely got into the garage today I am not sure I can get out! I can dig out all the snow on the back driveway but after that I would probably need a big all terrain vehicle with huge snow tires to go any further. I was supposed to go to a work Christmas party tonight but doubt I will do that either, to bad those are always nice functions.

It looks like today will be nothing but darkroom work with a mid day attempt of snow shovelling around my house. I am working on another photo of dad, last night I was doing up the masks. I want to continue to work on that dad print followed by a shot of a young child in a dump shack from the "Families" series. If I can do these last 2 prints by Monday morning I will have done up 4 negs for this week which would be a very nice little run, my best so far this exhibition printing schedule.

I feel things are coming along, but am unsure how far as I have yet to do my secondary printing process of bleaching and toning on any of the prints yet.

Another sucky point on all this snow is I have several books of poetry waiting for me at the library and I cannot get to them!