Wednesday, March 25, 2015

View Camera Magazine Submission

Tomorrow I will send out a quick email submission to "View Camera" magazine. Tonight on my night shift I made up a statement and did some picture editing of 17 photos from my "Thai Sex Worker On White" series.  I am not sure email submissions are allowed with the magazine but heck its free and I thought why not try. I might also make a CD version submission later on. For those of you interested in submitting work to this wonderful magazine here is a link.

Update* I have decided to make up an quick all on digital DVD submission as well. The DVD will contain all the jpeg files as well as a quick letter to the editors detailing the series. I managed to do that up tonight at work as well using my laptop. You got to love how fast digital-computer technology makes all of this. In the old days you had to make photographic slides of all your work. I remember doing up one of those slide submssions once. It took me months to complete and was very difficult to do. After all that work I ended up getting a short rejection note.

I might also try doing a quick all DVD submission to Photo Life magazine, possibly on "Families of the Dump" or "My Fathers Last Days"