Sunday, March 8, 2015

How To Best Use Sound?

I have been thinking of the best way to use sound in conjunction with my documentary still photography. What if I did portraits for the "Lost Innocence" project (young women brothel workers sold into the sex trade) and then also recorded their voices. I think it would humanize their story so much more. If the viewer in the gallery could not only see their faces, their eyes but also hear them speak, wow!

In the gallery I could have like 15 "Lost Innocence" brothel worker portraits on the walls, with a number or name besides each picture. I could then provide head phones and a small MP3 player (mounted under the picture, or available at the door). The viewer could select the photographed persons audio file and hear their voice! The problems would be making the recordings in the field and language problems. The subjects in Asia would not most likely not have any English skills so I would have to figure out some kind of translation system for the files. Maybe they speak for the first 10 seconds then a lady translator (would have to find and pay her) could speak in English. The gallery viewers in Canada-USA- England could then understand everything that was said.

The combination of still images and audio could lead to a very strong and moving exhibition. Who knows it might even help with some positive changes for those forgotten tortured young women.