Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Mr. Audio, I Got My New Toys!

Well today in the mail I got my Edirol/Roland R-44 portable 24- bit 4 track field recorder and my Sennheiser EW 100 G3 wireless transmitter and receiver. With these new toys I can make quality audio. Tonight at work I got everything running and made up some recordings. Things sound NICE!

I was planning to make the video stories next week but am unsure now if I can do that. We are short staffed at work and next week on my regular week off I will be working some overtime. The OT will help with the $1100 bill for these items. There is a chance (not sure this is going to happen) that I might also be doing some workshops. Maybe even 4 workshops with 2 people from British Columbia. That would add another $440 to the audio fund IF it happens.

I think this will be an important buy for me. I especially am happy with the R-44 field recorder. I am thinking of including more audio now on the blog. I cannot place MP3 files or Wave files on blogspot (not sure why) but I could record a audio file and then make  into an MP4 (video) file which I could then upload. There is always a trick to these things!

I also plan to do more videos in the darkroom and elsewhere in the field for my YouTube and Vimeo channels. The audio recording equipment I received today will help with a professional sound for these online videos. I am finding that my video channels are really raising awareness about the photographs I am making. They are being watched worldwide. Just a few days I posted links to several vids that are on a Mumbai, India newspaper site. The videos provide me with free advertising, help educate and spread the joys of photography through my first hand experiences.

I have another goal which I am working towards with this audio. I want to try to incorporate photo stills and audio of my subjects. The goal is to somehow incorporate both into exhibitions of the work. I am not quite sure how to do that, more thought required. First I need to work these extra shifts to pay for this stuff!