Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Time To Double Down

I have always been very devoted and worked hard at my photography but it's not enough I now need to double down. The hour glass of my life is running out of sand. My father and I were born on the same day 32 years apart. If (big if) I live as long as my beautiful father I have less than 32 years left. I need to tell as many stories with my photographs before the clock runs down. The years 75 plus maybe 70 plus I will probably be house bound or very limited in what I can do in the field with big or even small cameras. That gives me a measly 20 years to complete my lifetime shooting body of photography. I might be able to spend my later more disabled years in the darkroom printing but first I need to create strong important negatives to work with. There are so many subjects to meet, so many adventures yet to have, so many images to create.