Thursday, March 26, 2015

Links: Joseph Saxton Gallery

I found out about a wonderful world level photography gallery tonight located in Canton Ohio. The Joseph Saxton Gallary represents some of the most important photographers in history and seems to cater to documentary related themes. They allow online link submissions so I sent them some links from recent projects. I plan to continue to send them links in the future.

Joseph Saxton Gallery Canton Ohio

Here is a link to the Saxton collection page:

The galleries most recent acquisition is my favourite photograph of all time, Tomoko Uemura in Her Bath, 1971 by Eugene Smith. This photograph speaks to me of the absolute love a mother feels for her child. Smith created it when he was an older man (around 53, he died at 59), it gives me hope that maybe someday I can make something comparable.

Here is the photograph and the story about the image (written by the staff at the Joseph Saxton Gallery)
Tomoko Uemura in Her Bath, 1971 by Eugene Smith.
 W. Eugene Smith is best known for his iconic cultural portraits portrayed as extensive photo-essays. One of his last great exposés was that of mercury poisoning in Minamata, Japan. Smith and his wife lived in Minamata from 1971-1973 and documented the disease extensively. After a severe beating by employees from the Chisso chemical factory, Smith published one of his most famous works: Tomoko Uemura in Her Bath, 1971. We are thrilled to have acquired this piece and are proud to have it in the Saxton collection.