Thursday, March 12, 2015

Next Trip, When?

Now that my time with dad is over I need to start planning for the next photo adventure. I just checked out my work schedule for the coming year. I will need to stay in Canada until the end of October so that I can pick up the Rosebud prints from Southern Alberta gallery but after that it looks good.

If I get a leave from work I expect to take my next trip to Asia starting in November of 2015. The trip might last anywhere from 3 to 8 months. I could work on multiple photographic projects concentrating on the series I vowed to do for my father: "Forgotten Laughter". The project would be a series of 5x7 view camera portraits of children living in poverty in South East Asia.

If I cannot get a leave from work I am looking at a shorter Asian trip of 7 weeks or less, probably taken earlier in the year.

I need to get out and making new pictures as soon as possible. I feel a never ending thirst and a responsibility to tell those stories. By the time I start again I will be 51 years old, I am quickly running out of time to get the photographs made.