Friday, March 6, 2015

Title For Children Living In Poverty Portrait Project

I am brainstorming today trying to come up with titles for the dad dedication portrait book on child poverty. "The Lost Children" is to similar to my other possible project "Lost Innocence" which deals with the destroyed lives of young woman sold into the brothels of South East Asia.

Possible titles?  Not sure any of these work, need to keep at it, maybe forgotten laughter. Children find joy and laughter no matter what the conditions they live in.

"Forgotten Laughter: Children Living In Poverty In South East Asia"

Possible Titles:

"Dek Dek" (the Thai word for child)
" The Hidden"
"Beyond Invisible"
"Lost Lives"
"The Virtuous"
"The Righteous"
"The Young Ones"
"The Kids"
"Kid Lives"
"Lost Youth"
"Forgotten Youth"
"Lives In Poverty"
"Living In Poverty"
"Playing In Poverty"
"Forgotten Laughter"
"Laughing Children"
"Lost Laughter"