Friday, March 13, 2015

A Motorbike?

I have been thinking that my best way to get around next trip in Thai is to rent a motorbike. I have driven a motorbike dozens of times in Thailand but it's a dicey thing. I have crashed a bike before and it left me very bloody and scraped up. For me both legs and one hand was left bloody. Many, many people die as a result of motorcycle accidents in Thailand. That is partly became there are so many of them and partly because of people not wearing helmets, speeding, drunk driving, driving the wrong way on roads, no lights, children drivers, overloading bikes and carrying to much non motorbike stuff while you drive. Once in Phuket Thailand I saw 2 guys carrying a full sized wooden door on a small 100CC motorbike.

With all these dangers, why ride a bike? Simple, it will probably make for better pictures. I can go where ever I want whenever I want. The bike will give me the freedom to explore, the freedom to make pictures in all kinds of secluded and distant locals. I will need to wear a helmet, need to be careful especially when I am carrying heavy camera gear and/or food donations. When your transporting extra stuff like 5x7 cameras, holders, a large tripod, a backpack plus donations of rice, canned fish etc., motorbikes can become a bit rather unwieldily. I will need to be extra careful when driving, in Thai they do weird stuff like drive on the left hand side of the road.

This motorbike thing is probably a no brainer, it is dangerous but the best way to go. Instead of paying for pickup and drop off each day I can just get on the bike and start driving. If I see something I like I can stop and make pictures. I do not have to trouble anyone and the cost will not be too much more than I am already paying. I would never drive a motorcycle in Bangkok traffic but out in the countryside I think I can do it safely.

 This is the blog they quote later when andif they write/speak about my motorcycle related death in Thai! :))

Motorcycle taxi driver with Thai woman riding side saddle, Bangkok Thailand.
Rural Thai family out on the town!