Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Art Acquisition By Application 2015 Submission

Finished my Art Acquisition 2015 submission, I will send it out tomorrow. The deadline is April 1 for those of you out there interested in making a submission. This year I decided to only submit work that is from previous shows. I have the work already printed and ready to go. If any photographs are purchased I will need to get it to the Alberta Foundation For The Arts folks on short notice. I figured it things would go a lot smoother if I already had the work printed and ready to go.

Next year I plan on submitting more of the "My Fathers Last Days" photographs. I will need to print more of that work first, which I plan on doing for the Rosebud exhibition scheduled for September.

Not sure if the strong documentary nature of my photographs fit the AFA mandate, but it is important to keep trying. No matter how many times you get kicked in the teeth, you got to keep trying. I am asking $700 for 16x20 versions of these prints. I believe that the AFA in general is not that interested in photography, but who knows one might sell and pay for about 1/2 my next plane ticket to Thai.

Here are this years submission photographs:

 Photograph from the "Families of the Dump" exhibition.
Young boy in garbage dump home, Mae Sot Thailand 2013
 Photograph from the "My Fathers Last Days" exhibition.
My father with pancreatic cancer, Edmonton Canada 2014
 Photographs from the "The Train Is Coming" exhibition.
Joon smoking Klong Toey slum, Bangkok Thailand 2011 
Old man drinking Klong Toey slum, Bangkok Thailand 2011
Boy on tracks Klong Toey slum, Bangkok Thailand 2011