Friday, March 20, 2015

Selection Of Dad Photos for Rosebud Exhibition

I have been going over in my mind which photos I want to add to the "My Fathers Last Days" series that will be shown in Rosebud in September. Here are some possibles:

1) The pain photograph of dad in bed. This print is a go, I have it 1/2 printed already.
2) The bars of light photo with dads eye looking through that was made a few days before he passed.
3) A 5x7 neg photo of dad lying in his coffin with blurred family around him.
4) One of the death portraits, a choice of one of the 5x7 negatives that I shot at the time of or within minutes of dads passing. I have not looked at any of these negs to closely yet as they were too tough to deal with. All that film is developed but has not been scanned or printed in anyway. I am not exactly sure what I have.
5) Many of the dad 35mm closeups with movement negs are also in contention. These are tough to print and would require plenty of work.
6) I might try printing some of the dad on bed with strong light/shadow images. I only printed 2 of those for the Louie Photography Gallery Exposure Photo Festival show, but might do more this time round.
7) Maybe I will also print the confused shot of my mother standing over my dads body minutes after he passed away. I had just woken her up and told her about dad, she was crying next to him. A sad bewildering picture for me.

Printing these photos might become easier with time, but right now I do not want anything to do with those negs, it's all too painful.

I have all the "Families of the Dump" pictures printed and waiting to be re shown but now with this new exhibition I have the chance to exhibit more of the dad pictures including some that were not made at the time of the previous opening. Dad passed away on Feb. 22 and the opening for the "My Fathers Last Days" photos at the Louie gallery was Feb 7th. I want to tell dads story in this new exhibition as well as I can.