Saturday, March 7, 2015

Hosting A ESP Meeting (Edmonton Society Of Photographers)

Well it looks like my turn to host a meeting for the boys in the Edmonton Society Of Photographers. Pretty well everyone else has already hosted a meeting and now it is my turn. I had been holding off because of dads health, I needed to have the meeting at his home but did not want to disturb him. Now that my father is at rest I can host the meeting. I talked to dad about this before he passed and he made some suggestions which I plan to use now.

I will need to show work from my lifetime as a photographer to show how my photography has developed since I was around 21 until now at 50. Basically a 30 year arch. I do not have much work scanned from the early years so I might start out from my first or second trip to Thai when I was 32 and 35 years old until today. So that would be only the last 18 years or so. I might try to show 10 pictures of each series I have done in that period of time. I would talk about the projects, my motivations etc and show the work.

I have a series of show prints stored at mom and dads house already I could bring up those prints and and also use a projector and my laptop to project work. Show photos, talk a lot and have a bit of food and my night is done. It should be fun, some of the guys know my stuff but only in segments, this would give them a better overall picture of its scope.

Possible subject sections for the talk (if I can find the scans?)

- West Oakland California ghetto, Sonny, Dupree, Lewis jazz and heroin drug use

- Laguna California the gay scene

- First trip to Thai, bargirl girl portraits

- Second trip to Thai, freelance sex worker series, street begging series

- 2003 trip bargirl shortime room series from Pattaya Thailand.
Shortime bar worker Thailand, 2003
- Brothel series from Poi Pet Cambodia
Vietnamese brothel worker Cambodia, 2003
-  Later series on prostitution in Thailand freelancers, bargirl etc
Long in short time sex room with her number Pattaya Thailand 2008
- Mixed Ladyboy worker series
Ladyboy sex worker Bangkok Thailand, 1996
- Large format white background sex worker series shot on 8x10 in 2007-09 and 2012
Male gogo bar sex workers Pattaya Thailand, 2009
- Large format portrait work done around Thailand and Laos.
Drunk man Klong Toey slum Bangkok, 2011
- Klong Toey Slum series, portraits from the slum in Bangkok
Young child behind iron gate Klong Toey slum, 2011
- Cambodian Slum Poi Pet
Boy pulling cart across border back into Cambodia, 2010
- Muay Thai boxers series, photos made at the Muay Thai boxing gym in Klong Toey
Bell 20 Muay Thai Klong Toey slum boxer, 2012
- Mae Sot garbage dump series "Families of the Dump"
Childern playing Mae Sot garbage dump, 2013
- Nepal documentary work with the street kids and the migrant labourers
Drugged street boy with dog Kathmandu Nepal, 2013
- Homeless in Bangkok
Anapon cooking rice Bangkok, 2013
- "My Fathers Last Days" series, photos of my fathers life and death year with pancreatic cancer
Dad living with pancreatic cancer Canada, 2014