Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Quickie Submission DVDs

I decided to go ahead with the quickie DVD submissions to two magazines, Photo Life and View Camera. I made up Thai Sex Worker DVDs for both those mags. The DVD includes a simple word file with some background info and 18 photos of around 500KB a piece. I did not really follow the mags photo recommendations figuring if they liked anything I could make up specific larger files for them.

Tomorrow I plan on making up 2 or even possibly 3 more DVD submissions for Photo Life.

1)"My Fathers Last Days"
2)"Families of the Dump"
and possibly
3)"Klong Toey Slum"

I might also try doing up a "Klong Toey Slum" submission of view camera work for View Camera magazines. I have quite a bit of large format slum portraiture, especially if I include some of the Muay Thai work.

If you add up all those possible submissions there could be 6, 2 - View Camera and 4 - Photo Life.

Update* Completed 4 submissions, they are in the envelopes ready to mail. I did all the above submissions except the "Klong Toey" slum versions. I might still make up those tonight, one for View Camera and one for Photo Life.