Sunday, March 8, 2015

Photo Story: Khune Anapon Homeless In Bangkok

This photo was made on my last trip to Thai in November of 2013. It is a picture of Anapon a homeless man who lived near my hotel in Bangkok. He sleeps in a small home made of scrap wood under a freeway in the city. In the picture he is cooking some rice and an egg that he bought with a small amount of money I gave him. It is very rewarding to give money to someone and they immediately use it to buy food. One time when I donated rice in the dump this happened, the mother quickly started cooking it for her family. To know your donation is doing good is a great feeling. I need to do more of that next trip, maybe the photos don't help but you can help in other ways because of your photography.

The picture was made with a Leica M6 and I think a 28mm lens, and Tri-x exposed at 200ASA. I like the swirl of smoke made by the fire. Anapon is sitting in the doorway of his little homemade room. He had a bad leg and used the stick leaning up against the door to walk. Anapon is a very nice man, I hope to go back and photograph him again. I will try to meet up and make more pictures of him next trip if he is alive and still in the same location as before.

Khune Anapon Bangkok 2013