Thursday, April 30, 2015


Thinking of 2 things involving 3s.

1) There are 3 more possible photo video stories I have footage of. I am not sure if I will edit these into full YouTube HD vids but I will work on them next week when I am doing night shifts and see what happens.

2) After reading about Fazel Sheikh's trilogy book series I wanted to try to do something similar. The recent story I posted about the murder of the bar worker Pook has re-lit my interest in returning to that world and photographing. These workers stories need to be told from their perspective. I want to give them a voice. I have been thinking of doing 3 unique/distinct photo series related to prostitution in Asia. Each of the 3 projects would be a series on the sex worker scene. One of the 3 would be "Lost Innocence", a photo series I have spoke about extensively on this blog, the other 2? Not sure.