Monday, April 20, 2015

Day 1 Of Getting Into Shape

Today was my first work out day, did some walking and also a short bike ride. I bought some new bike shoes. I lost my old shoes, they were pretty beaten up and a size too small so decided to buy a new pair. These new shoes cost $125 but are quite nice, hopefully I can get 10+ years use out of them like the last ones. I also got some passes to the local public pools and gyms. I plan on doing training in their fitness facilities as well as swimming pools. I love to swim so getting back doing that should be fun. I also plan to pick up my workouts during my security night shifts.

The most important thing is to watch my intake of calories. Less garbage food, less empty, useless calories. Little by little over the next 6 months I will get into better shape before I return to Thai. If I improve my weight and conditioning I should be able to photograph better. More energy, less weight, more flexibility should all allow me to carry my heavy equipment longer, and deal with the heat and the trying conditions better. Instead of giving up and quitting after 5 hours shooting, maybe I can do 6 or 7 hours of continuous work.

Fat boy is going down!