Thursday, April 23, 2015

Todays Ride

Wow was it cold today on the bike. I went down to dads grave and spoke with him, cried a bit. Going there was cold but then I started to warm up about 20 minutes in. When I was with dad I cooled down and was wet from sweat. The trip back home, UPHILL, was brutal in the wind. With the cold sweat I never warmed up again. I kept telling myself "IT'S FOR THE PHOTOGRPHY!, IT'S FOR THE PHOTOGRPHY!" By the time I got to my house my feet were numb with cold, it reminded me of playing hockey at outdoor arenas as a kid, the feet felt similar. Guess I need to dress warmer next time I try this.

Did 21.6 Km and biked for 1 hour 9 minutes. Not bad! Legs feel very heavy now. Got to do a bath then its off to bed, working 4 more 12 hour night shifts this week.