Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Vermilion Student Talk

We had 32 people into see the show today, Larry and I both did short artist talks. The group was made up of 30 arts students (high school grades 10-12) and 2 teachers from Vermilion Alberta. The talks went pretty well, Larry and I split the group into 2 and each took turns talking about our photographic series. I spoke to my groups about "Families of the Dump", I also had 2 pictures from the "My Fathers Last Days" photos on display.

I think I muffed the first talk a bit but the second one went smoother. More practise needed at these "Artist Talk" things, but they continue to get better and better. The arts teacher came up to me after and thanked me for my passion, just like last time when we had the NAIT students in. That teacher spoke to me in the same way, using similar words in pretty much the exact same place in the gallery. Both teachers were 30ish Canadian born women of Asian heritage who basically said the same thing to me "Thank you so much for talking about your work with such passion." Go figure! Guess it's some some kind of synchronicity thingy. Either that or I am REALLY PASSIONATE about my photography : )).

Another repeat was the percentage of the art students that were female. I did not count but I think there were between 5-7 males in this group of 30 students. Every time I have done an artist talk to groups of students (this is my 4th), the women have outnumbered the men by a large margin.