Monday, April 27, 2015

57 Subscribers? Who Knew!

Just found some interesting stats as I was uploading my second photo video story. My YouTube photography channel has 57 subscribers and 9867 total views. That's not half bad! I guess I should be spending more time doing quality videos etc. I was basically just screwing around with the channel, maybe I should make more of an effort to do things right.

Now that I have a better mike system and that I am not so shy about standing in front of the camera I can do in the field videos and more intensive darkroom vids. I am also planning to do a bunch more of the photo video stories in the coming years. Kind of wish I had shot some video when I was shooting the sex worker on white portrait work, and had some video of my early documentary photo projects. Maybe in the future I can do location vids in places like Klong Toey slum, the Muay Thai gym and with the Families in the dump.

Something to think about! Thanks so much to the 57!

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