Monday, April 13, 2015

Another Artist Talk, Show Stuff Update

Today I went down to the Louie Gallery on 124 street to pick up the dad prints from the "Life in the Margins" Exposure Photography Festival exhibition. I found out that there will be another talk on the 21st for 25 high school students from Vermilion Alberta. I am working that day but might drop by for an hour or so to hear Larry and do a bit of talking myself.  There was also a talk that I did not attend for graphic arts students which was held at the time of dads funeral. Larry just told me today about it, he did not want to disturb me during those very difficult days. That makes 4 artist talks for the show, 2 that I attended plus the opening night stuff.

I also found today that I sold an additional 2 magazines that were at the gallery. One was bought by a friend from one of my photo clubs and another I think was bought by a relative. Gosh I need to invite more family and friends to these things, then they feel guilty enough to buy my stuff! Kidding aside, the 3 mags I sold will probably cover about  1/2 the costs of producing all the copies. The blurb mags turned into a rather successful part of the exhibition. I am glad I made the extra effort to get them done.

Hopefully I can go to this newest talk. I quite enjoy public speaking now, especially when it involves my photography.