Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Video: #1 Photo Video Story, "The Bride and the Groom" From "Families of the Dump."

Here is probably the final edit for my first video story. This story is about "The Bride and the Groom" photograph from the "Families of the Dump" photo project. It was made in May of 2013 with a Leica M6, 28mm lens and Tri-x rated at 200ASA. The print is hanging int the "Louie Gallery on 124th" street here in Edmonton, check it out while you can! The print is a 16x20 silver gelatin (darkroom) photo in a 20x24 black metal frame.

This video is a low resolution version, I will probably put a HD copy on YouTube later on. To make this little film I used 2 sound sources (mike on me and camera mike), a small Sony HD camera with video tripod and edited it with iMovie in my Macbook Pro laptop.

Note* I am the fat guy in the black shirt. I got to bring that tonnage down!! 6 months till I will be making more photos. Extra weight equals limited photography, less weight and more fitness equals better photography. Tomorrow I have a bonus day off, I will get back on the bike and try to burn some calories as well as build some strength.